• Voted 'best boiler' by Dutch consumers for 7 years running
  • Most Trusted Installers
  • Exceptional energy efficiency
  • Award winning boilers
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Which product is right for me?

Finding the best boiler for you can be a tricky task, with a range of outputs and models to choose from. Here we run through the ATAG range.

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Why choose ATAG?

Upgrade to ATAG. The intelligent way to heat your home.

  • 1

    ATAG compact boilers are the most energy efficient in Europe and can significantly reduce your energy bills by up to £570 a year*.

  • 2

    Built-in Economiser technology can save you up to £40 per year on hot water.

  • 3

    Energy Intelligent ONE Controller can save you up to 15% a year on fuel bills.

  • 4

    Engineered and built using only ‘A’ grade components, metal and brass parts for guaranteed reliability.

  • 5

    Backed by a lifetime replacement guarantee on our unique iCon heat exchanger for complete peace of mind.

  • 6

    Voted ‘Best boiler’ by consumers in Holland for the past 7 years, based on performance, usability and customer satisfaction.


* Energy Saving Trust


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