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We’ve been designing and building boilers for almost 70 years. In that time ATAG has set the highest standards for energy efficiency and engineering excellence across the world.

As well as numerous global awards we are consistently awarded ‘Best Boiler’ in our native Netherlands by consumers. That’s not the kind of thing that happens by accident. It happens because we combine technical precision with a talented team of engineers and visionaries.

ATAG’s research and development team in the Netherlands, led by Senior Project Manager Jos Luttikholt, were challenged with improving the excellence and efficiencies delivered by a domestic boiler, in a smaller, more compact, unit.

The result of years of hard work was the iCon heat exchanger, a step change for the boiler industry, and now the engine at the heart of every ATAG boiler.

When the i-Series range of boilers launched in the UK in 2015 we put a lifetime replacement guarantee on the iCon heat exchanger, yet we were confident and wanted to do more. In August 2017 we introduced a 10 year warranty on parts and labour for our entire range of boilers, unique in the UK. We did this because we believe that choosing an ATAG boiler should be a long term investment for both of us – we hope you agree.

10 Year Warranty
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“Gas Safe Register welcomes ATAG Heating Technology’s initiative to help eradicate illegal gas work and increase safety levels in the UK by only supplying their products direct to Gas Safe registered professionals to install.” Jonathan SamuelGas Safe Register CEO

Having spent decades developing the very best in heating solutions, we don’t put them in the hands of just anyone. That’s why we are the only boiler manufacturer to sell exclusively to legally qualified Gas Safe registered installers.

As our ATAG Selected Partners, they offer informed and specific advice. They make sure you select the right boiler and have it fitted in the right way. Safe, efficient and built to last; once it’s in the heart of your home an ATAG boiler is there to stay.

Our Promise:

  • We only sell to legally qualified Gas Safe registered installers
  • We only sell spare parts to legally qualified Gas Safe registered installers
  • We never sell boilers or spare parts direct to customers
  • We never allow our products to be sold online to businesses we don’t know

You can verify that an installer is an ATAG Selected Partner by calling 0800 680 0100.

While we have made every reasonable effort to monitor the quality and performance of our network of ATAG Selected Partners, we do not accept responsibility for supply, installation and service of any third party company that ATAG Heating Technology may have promoted through any form of communication.