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Leading the way in quality

The ATAG philosophy is ‘built to last’ and this applies not just to our high quality products but also to our relationships with our ATAG Selected Partners. We understand your business and how to help it grow. We offer an unrivalled partnership agreement, guaranteed by our unique Contract of Service – the legal document which gives you our word.


Leading the way in excellence

ATAG has more than 68 years of manufacturing excellence. From our base in Licthenvoorde, Netherlands we have developed world leading technologies by applying our principles of precision design and engineering. In 1983 we decided to focus solely on super-efficient heating products which are now sold all over the world.


Leading the way in heating technology

In 2005, ATAG engineers designed the industry-leading iCon Heat Exchanger. It now comes in every ATAG boiler, ensuring 98% efficiency. In fact, we believe so strongly in our design and technology that the iCon Heat Exchanger carries a lifetime replacement guarantee for your customers.


Leading the way in efficiency

ATAG boilers are the most energy efficient in Europe and they’re all made from quality brass and stainless steel components. Our lifetime guarantee on our iCon Heat Exchanger and our generous standard warranties speak to the quality of our products.


Leading the way in safety

We are committed to improving gas safety in the UK. We are the only manufacturer in the UK to supply exclusively to carefully selected Gas Safe Installers. We call them our ATAG Selected Partners.

Foundation of ATAG, mainly manufacturing kitchen appliances.
Focus solely on proprietary design, engineering and manufacturing of efficient heating products.
Starts export sales throughout Europe.
Designed and engineered super-efficient pre-mix ceramic burner to lower NOx emissions.
Designed and engineered revolutionary condensing boiler.
Introduction of award winning super-efficient blue angel II condensing boiler.
Expansion of commercial and domestic boiler technology in the UK.
Export sales go global
Designed and engineered OSS super-efficient heat exchanger engine with a 10-year guarantee.
Introduction of award winning super-efficient A-range domestic boiler which is the most efficient in Europe
Introduction of award winning super-efficient commercial XL boiler for large projects.
Designed and engineered super-efficient iCon heat exchanger engine with a lifetime replacement guarantee.
Introduction of new super-efficient i range of solar products and cylinders.
Designed and engineered super-efficient iCon heat exchanger engine with a lifetime replacement guarantee.
Introduction of revolutionary and super-efficient iC Economiser combination boiler and 'ONE' controller which is the most efficient in Europe.
"ATAG boilers are the way forward for our business. Great support and back up they only sell direct to Gas Safe Registered installers."
"Lovely to see that a builder we know couldn't get a price to undercut ours from the merchant. Builders can't buy!"
Simon Wann
"The build quality and internal layout are second to none!"
Nick Luxford
"Build quality and back up support for installers is in a league of its own"
Vic Mullan
"A premium product with premium components and a premium company"
Matthew Baker
"More ATAG boilers to install this week. Amazing boilers and the ONE controller is great."
Prestige Plumbers
"Great demo today with @atagheating. Definitely a well thought out boiler."
MH Plumbing & Heating
"I've never left a van so shocked and impressed as I have this morning! @atagheating #EXCITED"
"iC24 and wireless control installed and commissioned today, customer well happy, me too!!!"
Morris P&H-Stanwick
"I love their business plan other manufacturers should take note"
D S Steele Heat
"Just ordered a nice ATAG boiler via the awesome App. Couldn't have been easier"
Gareth Williams Heating Ltd
"Fitted my first @atagheating iC15. Great boiler straight forward to fit & commission"
Phelps Heating