Why are so many installers switching to ATAG?

Maybe it's because our new i range of boilers are the most efficient in Europe which gives them a stand out offering for their customers?

Or maybe it's because we only supply our boilers to a limited amount of installers in each area, thereby protecting their business?

An ATAG boiler


ATAG products are revolutionising the heating industry, reducing emissions, offering unbeatable warranties and working only with the best Gas Safe Registered engineers in the UK. These engineers are our ATAG Selected Partners (ASPs) and that comes with a lot of benefits, but why take it from us?

Our ATAG Technical Product Managers work with installers every day, so we'll let one of them explain it...


ATAG Heating Technology has more than 68 years of manufacturing excellence. We're different because we operate in 24 countries around world, each with different engineering requirements. Our outstanding products are designed to meet all 24 engineering thresholds and are made with the best brass and stainless steel materials. ATAG products are highly engineered, super-efficient and award-winning.


Our Technical Product Managers are on the road with a demonstration van in your area, so they're always on hand to support you. It also means that we can provide a live boiler demonstration on your doorstep, or wherever works best for you, when you'd like to find out more.

Warranty badges


Gas Safe

ATAG is working to stamp out illegal gas works in UK homes. That's why we only supply our products directly to Gas Safe Installers who successfully apply to be ATAG Selected Partners. We are the only manufacturer to work in this way, acknowledged by the Gas Safe Register:

ATAG Heating Technology is the only manufacturer to supply exclusively to Gas Safe installers, no other manufacturer can support the values we have adopted.

"I am able to offer my customers a lifetime replacement guarantee which gives them the confidence in the build quality of ATAG boilers. It also builds trust between me and my customer which helps me sell more boilers."

Matt Saunders, Home Comfort - ATAG Selected Partner
Warranty badges


  • ATAG products are built with the highest quality materials. Our low emission products are award-winning and our boilers are the most efficient in Europe. We are leading the way in excellence as the fastest growing manufacturer in the UK.
  • ATAG products are supplied only to Gas Safe Installers on direct account. When you become an ATAG Selected Partner, you become an ATAG customer and therefore, our priority. 

  • We help to grow and protect your business. Your customers remain your customers, protecting and growing your maintenance work.
  • We give you the flexibility to provide great service, limiting the number of ASPs in your area to set you apart. ATAG is a premium product and we will tell you how to sell it as such to your customers. We'll also freeze your prices for two years so you can win even more business.