ATAG iSOL Solar Collector


Highly efficient and easy to install, ATAG’s iSol solar collectors offer a choice of fixing options, in sizes 1.6m² & 2.5m².

Providing a large surface area to help gain as much of the sun’s free energy as possible, the iSol range features one universal collector, in each size 1.6m² & 2.5m², suitable for all in-roof, on-roof and flat roof applications and can be installed as 1, 2, 3 or 4 iSol in 1.6m² & 2.5m² collectors, depending on the size of the property.

Solar keymark certified and eligible for payback incentives like RHI, ATAG’s iSol collectors can provide up to 60% of a household’s hot water.

iSol solar collector (m²) Aperture area (m²) Solar efficiency (%)
1.6 1.46 84
2.5 2.28 86
Features Benefits
Absorber with highly selective coating Very effective coating to maximise efficiency
Large effective surface area To gain as much of the sun’s energy
One universal collector One collector for all, in-roof, on-roof & flat roof
More than one collector installed in series Maximum of 4 collectors in series to suit different size property
Simple mounting options Timesaving ease of installation
Black anodized frame and roof mounting components Aesthetic design
Solar Keymark certified Solar Keymark is equivalent to Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) –
panel is eligible for payback incentives like RHI

Part Numbers

iSol 2 Panel In-Roof Pack comprises:

iSol Solar Collector 1.6m2 2.5m2
Aperture area (Asol) m2 1.46 2.28
Solar Efficiency (Eo) % 84 86
First-order coefficient  (a1) W/(m2K) 4.130 3.688
Second-order coefficient (a2) W/(m2K) 0.015 0.021
Incidence angle modifier (IAM) 0.91 0.96
ErP Solar Efficiency  (hcol) % 65 67

Fixing Options

ATAG’s iSol fixing kits ensure the iSol collectors can be swiftly and neatly installed into the roof. With the tiles taken away from a section of the roof, the in–roof kit enables the solar collectors to blend into the roof line and can be installed in a portrait position Able to sit above the roof tiles by using special on-roof solar collector brackets, ATAG ensures minimal disturbance to roof tiles. The flat roof ‘A’ frame gives you the option of a solar thermal system where a pitched roof is not suitable or available, but a flat roof location is.

In-Roof Installation
Portrait Only

On-Roof Installation
Portrait or Landscape

Flat Roof Installation
Portrait or Landscape

  • Ensures swift and neat installation into the roof – with minimal disturbance
  • Allows the iSol solar collectors to blend into the roof line
  • ‘A’ frame fixings suitable for a flat roof location

Pump Station

ATAG’ s Basic & Advanced pre-assembled, single lined  pump station has a sophisticated control system, ensuring householders get the best performance from the iSol solar system, maximising the amount of hot water generated.

Pump Station Key Features

  • Fill and drain valves
  • Safety assembly with connection for the diaphragm-type expansion vessel, safety valve and pressure gauge
  • ERP ready modulating pump
  • Up to 4 temperature sensors Pt1000
  • heat metering (with optional sun monitoring system)
  • function control
  • VBus®  (option for live and recorded data via internet)
  • Ease of operation
  • Installation-friendly housing with attractive design
  • Optional speed control, operating hours counter and thermostat function.
Functionality Basic Advanced
Control asynchronous pump
Control PM-pump (PWM)
Holiday function
Status LED
SD-card slot (Copy parameter/data logging)
Multilingual LCD
Detailed fault information
Test routine function
SuMoSy Basic sun monitoring system (option)
SuMoSy Solar Circuit sun monitoring system (option)
V-bus port connection
Datalogger (internet, option)
Boiler burner condition function
Legionella prevention function
Priority cylinder 1/cylinder 2
East/West program
2e pump control
3-way valve control
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