ATAG’s vertical flue terminal option allows the flue to run upwards with the option of using the fluing with 87° and 45° elbows to terminate through a flat or pitched roof, in conjunction with a flat roof flashing kit or a pitched roof flashing kit, as applicable. The ATAG vertical flue option can allow the flue to be up to an equivalent flue length of 13m.

The versatile ATAG flue system range offers both horizontal and vertical options and is designed to provide a variety of solutions to suit nearly all installation requirements.

Our telescopic horizontal flues can be extended up to 13 metres in length with various termination solutions including a plume management kit.

Our vertical flues can extend up to 13 metres in length and with various termination solutions including flat and pitched roofs.
A multitude of other solutions complement our flues including 87° and 45° elbows and specialist fixing kits.

Flue Kits AHT Part No.
Horizontal telescopic flue kit 420 – 580mm (60/100mm)
with lock function elbow
Horizontal flue kit fixed length 1000mm (60/100mm) with
lock function elbow
87° Elbow flue adapter with lock function FA100300
Vertical Flue Terminal (60/100mm) with lock function
vertical adapter
Vertical flue adapter with lock function FA200200


Flue & accessories
45° Flue bend (60/100mm) (Single) (equivalent length 1.0m) FA300045
87° Flue bend (60/100mm) (equivalent length 1.6m) FA300090
500mm Flue extenstion (60/100mm) FA400500
1000mm Flue extension (60/100mm) FA401000
1950mm Flue extenstion (60/100mm) FA401950
Flue wall bracket 100mm FA500100
Pitched roof flashing kit 24-45° (Lead) FA200300
Flat roof slate (Aluminium) (125mm) FA200400


Plume Management
Plume management kit (2x 90° elbows,
2x 1000mm extension, 3x wall bracket) (60mm) (Black)
Plume management bend 45° (60mm) (Black) FA700045
Plume management bend 87° (60mm) (Black) FA700090
Plume management 1000mm flue extension (60mm) (Black) c/w wall bracket FA701000
Plume management wall bracket (60mm) FA700001




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