7 day two channel plug-in digital programmer


ATAG’s fuss-free digital clock controls include a 7 day two channel plug-in digital programmer.  Compatible with the iC Combination, iC Economiser and iS System boiler range (with 3 port valve kit), the two channel digital programmer offers on/off time setting for heating & hot water periods throughout the day and is easily accessible, fitting neatly within the front facia panel of an ATAG boiler.

  • Digital touch screen
  • Heating and hot water control
  • Hot water manual or timed control between ‘Comfort’ and ‘ECO’ modes (iC & iC Economiser boiler ranges)
  • Control the central heating with manual mode or programmed timed settings
  • Individual 7 day settings available
  • Three time period setting available each day
  • Holiday function, so you can set different time periods of when the heating or hot water is on.
  • Can be used on the iS boiler range with the addition of the ATAG 3 port valve kit.
  • Part number: CT200002
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"Best decision I made in having it installed. Works efficiently for my family and our requirements"
Mrs Simmons St Albans, Herts