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It doesn’t matter if you’re talking to your Technical Product Manager or one of our Account Managers, you’ll always get sound advice, exceptional service and a truly professional point of view. We’re here to help you grow and protect your business.

Technical helpline: 0800 254 5065

Technical Product Manager Visits: 0800 254 5063

Customer services: 0800 254 5062

Spare parts: 0800 254 5064

General enquiries: 0800 254 5061

Alternatively you can complete the form below and we will be in touch within one working day.

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Book a TPM Visit/Course
0800 254 5063
Installer Services
0800 254 5062
General Enquiries
0800 254 5061
Spare Parts
0800 254 5064
Technical Helpline
0800 254 5065

At ATAG we have a team of trained advisors to provide practical advice over the phone, from installing a boiler to servicing and maintenance support.

Email us at enquiries@atagheating.co.uk


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Working together to find the right heating solutions for your projects, these are just some of the reasons why specifiers should choose ATAG.
  • 1ATAG products are built with the highest quality materials. Our low emission products are award-winning and our boilers are the most efficient in Europe. We are leading the way in excellence as the fastest growing manufacturer in the UK.
  • 2ATAG products are supplied only to Gas Safe Installers on direct account. When you become an ATAG Selected Partner, you become an ATAG customer and therefore, our priority.
  • 3We help to grow and protect your business. Your customers remain your customers, protecting and growing your maintenance work.